Are Private Jets as Safe as Commercial Jets?

Private Jets

Whether you’re meeting with an important client and want to show them a great time, or you’re planning a memorable vacation with your family, nothing can improve the quality of air travel more than reserving a seat on a private jet. Private jets are the height of luxury, and allow you to enjoy your trip without the hassle and humiliation of cramming onto an overcrowded flight. Some people might be interested in the experience of a private jet, but have concerns about the safety of using one. The fact of the matter is, though, that flying on a private jet is just as safe--or even more so--than flying on a commercial airliner.

High Quality Inspections

The most reputable private jet companies will be rated by a third-party organization that specializes in evaluating the safety measures of the company. Companies like Argus International will rate flight companies based on their safety, and a high-quality private jet company will be rated by the Charter Evaluation and Qualification program for safety practices. The methods and metrics for evaluating the companies are extremely strict, and companies that are rated can be expected to follow only the most diligent safety practices and guidelines.

Lower Passenger Volume

A commercial jet will fly hundreds of people over several flights every single day, and each and every flight will put stress on the airplane’s structural integrity. Additionally, cash-starved airline companies are increasingly cutting corners on safety to keep their planes in the sky as much as possible to maximize profitability. By contrast, the lower passenger volume of a private jet will not take nearly as much of a toll on the plane, allowing it to fly much more safely.

At Royal Air Charter, we know that you only want to fly in the safest, most luxurious way possible. That’s why we take safety seriously, and are an an Argus International rated operator. Contact us today to request a flight quote, and let us fly you in style.

The Benefits of Private Air Travel

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